Automatic pop up customer data for agent

Brikerbox Dashboard is a call center application. It handles incoming calls and other method of communication made by customers and prospects. When calls coming-in a popup screen displayed automatically with various information for agents to follow up and made the business. It also saves all conversation and inputs for further processing.

Key Benefits

Management FeaturesAgent FeaturesReport FeaturesTicketing ( Plugin )
Call form dataScreen pop alert on incoming callMultiple type search option coming callStreamlined assignment ticket
Customer form dataAutomatic look up customer data on incoming callHistorical reportingAgent collision avoidance
SearchHot DeskingAgent activityAttach file on report
Data type form support : text, radio, comboDialerCall trackingTime log
Import & export customer dataHistory call dataExport reportSLA compliance report
Notification systemCall notesAttached recording fileSLA alert
PauseProduct knowledge informationTicket progress notification
Screen pop fieldSoftphone integrationCustomer satisfaction rating
Information text on agent formMultiple ticket tabs
Database ConnectionAssignment management
Ticket category management

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