Yealink VC500

Your Affodable Video Conference System

Ultimate Simplicity, Perfect for Small and Medium Rooms

VC500 Video Conferencing Endpoint

Optimized for small and medium meeting rooms, Yealink VC500 creates a lifelike communication by capturing all meeting participants on screen. Its wide-angle lens brings everyone in view without adjusting the camera. Featuring 1080P60 resolution, H.265/HEVC codec, and a pair of wireless microphones, VC500 offers HD video and crystal clear audio, making video conferencing as natural as communication should be. With a sleek and compact design, VC500 creates simple deployment and fits easily on TV, making your teamwork more productive and effortless.

Lifelike Communication for Small and Medium Meeting Rooms

VC500 delivers a lifelike face-to-face conferencing experience for small and medium meeting rooms. Its wide-angle lens provides an expanded 83-degree horizontal field of view to ensure that everyone in the room is visible during the meeting. Equipped with a 1080P60 and 5X optical PTZ camera, VC500 offers a vivid image as well as a clear concentration.

All-in-one Design Creates Simpler Deployment

Two Packages to Enhance Diversity

Less Bandwidth and Better Network Adaptability

VC500 brings efficiency to small and medium rooms by providing a powerful network adaptability. Minimal IT support is needed so that your team can focus on work. An advanced H.265/HEVC codec allows smaller groups to have 1080P video quality from 512kbps, saving 50% of bandwidth.

With an excellent video packet loss recovery technology, VC500 resists up to 30% video packet loss to ensure a stable and care-free video communication

SpesificationVC 500 ProVC 500
People Video Quality1080P/60fps1080P/30fps
Content Sharing Video Quality1080P/30fps1080P/30fps
Camera Modelall-in-oneall-in-one
Image Quality1080P630fps1080P/30fps
Zoom5× optical zoom5× optical zoom
Field of View83°83°

Pickup Equipment ModelVCS Phone CP960CPW90
Pickup Mic32
Expansion Mic2×
LCD Screen
Dial Key
Mute Key

Voice Pickup Range6 metres3 metres
Built-in MCU's Capacity××
Built-in MCU's Resolution××
Additional One-way Audio Call

Standard Communication ProtocolH.323/SIPH.323/SIP
Dual StreamReceive&SendReceive&Send
H.264 HP Codecs

HD Recording

Intelligent Firewall Traversal

Camera Input××
Input for Content Sharing1×HDMI + 1×Mini-DP1×HDMI + 1×Mini-DP
USB5×USB 2.03×USB 2.0
Power Adapter48V/0.7A48V/0.7A

Specification :

Presentation :