Useful application to monitor call center activity, productivity and performance

Brikerbox Wallboard is a fully web based application, a useful program to monitor call center agents performance and productivity. With real time data display Brikerbox Wallboard will help team leaders to monitor agents status (offline, idle, busy, or pause) and overall will increase business productivity.

Brikerbox Wallboard allows the opportunity for increased awareness, reliability, efficiency, and high productivity so that the call center team can accomplish the goals of the organization. Brikerbox Wallboard is specifically designed for a computer monitor or big screen TV where everyone in the control room will see the business being run in real time.

Core Feature

Web Based Platform

Real Time Data

Agent Status

Agent Data Call

Summary Data Call

Customizable Themes


Call QueuesCall Trunks
Agent IdleAgent Idle
Agent BusyAgent Busy
Agent Pause (ACW/AUX)Agent Pause (ACW/AUX)
Agent OfflineAgent Offline
Answered CallAnswered Call
Abandon CallNo Answer Call
Agent Ring No AnswerTotal Call
Total CallTotal Call Duration
Total Pause DurationTotal Pause Duration
Average Answer Call DurationAverage Call Duration
Average Pause Duration Average Pause Duration
Service Level Agreement (SLA)Device Use Information

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